Many-photon quantum entanglement
A Horizon 2020  FET-Open project

Job vacancies

Next to posted positions here, if you have a strong motivation and background to work in solid-state quantum optics, please contact the consortium members. Are you looking for a BSc or MSc project in our research fields? Please contact us!

Postdoctoral Fellowship on Solid-State Quantum Photonics - University of Cambridge

We are seeking applications for a postdoctoral fellowship with a strong experimental track record in quantum optics with solid-state or atomic systems to participate in our quantum-dot research activities. In particular, the project aims to develop a Solid-State Quantum Memory using Nuclear Spins and to generate Photonic Cluster States in order to address two key elements of developing efficient quantum networks. The research encompassing this post will straddle both fundamental and applied directions including (but not limited to) understanding and controlling the many-body dynamics of the nuclear spin ensemble and their use for information storage in conjunction with photonic cluster state generation. The research team will focus on light-matter interface engineering of optically active spins in quantum dots. While the initial focus is on well-established QD devices, other emergent materials and photonic structures will also be studied towards the realization of efficient DLCZ quantum memories and spin-mediated entangled states of light.

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